#CryptoBarbecue — the first open air cryptoconference
Why you can't miss DeCenter #CryptoBBQ?
Let's admit that we're all a little tired of serious business conferences on cryptocurrencies.
Can't we relax for once?

On August 23, BereZy Park will become a place to be for members of cryptocommunity from all around the globe!
30 workshops from the leading experts from the Russian cryptocommunity;
Case studies, practical advices, main trends and answers to the hottest questions;
A 30-stand blockchain exhibit: only the most promising companies of the cryptoindustry;
Outdoors networking: meet new people, exchange contacts, and find partners;
A ton of barbecue — grilled meat for everyone!
Food-zone: craft lemonades, street food, and specials from the #CryptoBBQ chefs;
A special prize drawing from the Cryptoevent team and the sponsors.
Don't miss the first CryptoBBQ held in Russia!
The best representatives of the industry will share their experience and tell about their successfully realized projects
Nikolay Volosyankov
CEO СryptoEvent
Organizer of public blockchain-events in the CIS
Herbert Rafael Sim
CMO at Cryptology

First speech in Russia!
Oleg Ivanov
CEO и Co-Founder CryptoBazar Fund
Dmitry Marynichev
Co-founder of Russian Mining Coin — the project raised $43 mln on ICO.
Member of the Expert Council of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and the General Council of "Business Russia" movement
Boris Akimov
and BIOCOIN blockchain platform
Petr Grubber
Pr & Marketing DEEX
Pavel Novikov
Director of FINTECH&BLOCKCHAIN center, Skolkovo foundation
Nikolay Velichko
Manager of analytical projects in HeadHunter
Konstantin Plavnik
COO cryptocurrency fund Xena Exchange
Yegor Bugaenko
CEO at Zerocracy and author of Elegant Objects
Alexander Pavlov
COO Suicide Ventures
Stepan Gershuni
Crypto-enthusiast and evangelist of blockchain technologies.
Aleksei Bystrov
Deep Gold founder
Systems architect, Tech Lead
Peter Bel
Founder of Byzantium
Sergei Chmel
Senior Partner – MATRIX CIB
Boris Chernyshov
Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education and Science
Polina Giverc
Anton Petrov
Head of Legal Sum&Substance
Maria Stankevich
Director of Communications
of the EXMO crypto-currency platform
Anna Pleshkova
Co-founder of the International Association CryptoLady.
Blogger, cryptoinvestor
Egor Grischenko
Main producer of Crypto Card Duels
Alexandra Dikaya
Investment Manager at DeStream
Lenar Rahmanov
Managing Partner & CEO Inception Fund
Dmitry Zorkin
Head of community DeStream
Ruslan Usufov
Director for special projects of Group-IB
Alexander Zelenshikov
Co-founder and CPO of Expload
Evgeniy Romanenko
Crypto-economist, creator of the iTuber channel
Vladimir Shadura
Vice-President of the European Economic Chamber in Brussels, President of the Brussels Investors Club.
Pavel Hrdlicka
CMO of Glochain
Alexey Durnev
Arsenalinvest.vc, SD DATA lab.
Helps to implement Blockchain technologies into businesses
Viktor Stepanov
Lead Tracker of the MIPT business incubator
Konstantin Bakulev
Deputy Head of the Department of Engineering Cybernetics National University of Science and Technology "MISIS"
Vladimir Suvorov
CEO of SD DATA lab
Yuriy Pomorcev
Founder and Director of
Game Garden
Ivan Koval-Zaitsev
Professional trader, a pioneer of ICO investments
Sergey Sevantsyan
International Public Keynote Speaker, Blockchainer, Adviser, ICO Supervisor, CITO, Social Engineer
More than 20 countries-participants
Workshops from the most reputable experts in blockchain and digital market
A ton of meat!
What could be better than a barbecue?
Event Program

Here you can find the current schedule program
DeCenter #CryptoBBQ 2018
International open air cryptoconference
Moscow, BereZy Park
1000+ participants
10 000 RUB (€130)
  • Access to the blockchain-exhibition
  • Access to the Lectures
  • Access to the Crypto-Market
  • Access to the Entertainment zone
  • Participant package
  • Standart bracelet
50 000 RUB (€680)
  • Access to the blockchain-exhibition
  • Access to the Lectures
  • Access to the Crypto-Fair
  • Access to the Entertainment zone
  • Participant package + gifts from sponsors
  • Exclusive name badge
  • Separate VIP registration desk
  • Acess to Business networking zone
  • Access to the Buisness-Lounge
  • Exclusive VIP-Lounge at the pier
    for speakers and investors
  • Video recording of the
    #CryptoBBQ talks
  • Video from all
    events CryptoEvent
  • Access to the
    #CryptoParty with
    speakers and investors
  • VIP-lunch with speakers and investors
  • Personal transfer to #CryptoBBQ
A lot of companies will set up their booths
  • Blockchain platforms
  • Trading services
  • Software developers
  • Other specialized organizations
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Investment funds
  • Companies starging an ICO
  • Mining hardware suppliers

After the business-related part of the program is over, the guests of the #CryptoBBQ conference will be able to enjoy the first ever cryptoparty under the starry Moscow sky.
Venue: BereZy Park, Stroginskoe sh., building 1

Refreshing cocktails, lively music, dancing, contests, and communication without limits — all this awaits you at the CryptoParty!

This is the best place to meet players of the crypto market, to find new friends and partners, and communicate in an informal setting – which is what the Business Roscha Lounge is provided for.

And don't forget to bring your business cards, and a lot of them!
CryptoEvent - company, which orginizing large events on blockchain, ICO and cryptocurrency topics in Asia, CIS and Europe.
Partners of event
Official media partner
What is blockchain?
Blockchain (originally block chain) — a distributed ledger where storage devices aren't connected to a shared server. This ledger stores a constantly growing number of records, called blocks. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to the previous block

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What is cryptocurency?
Cryptocurrencies are monetary units (also called "coins" or "tokens") encrypted using cryptographic technologies. These monetary units do not have a physical counterpart, they exist only in the virtual space. Tokens are protected from forgery, because they represent encrypted data which cannot be copied (the use of cryptography is the reason for the "crypto" prefix in the name).

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What is ICO and pre-ICO?
ICO or Initial Coin Offering — an instrument for raising funds where the future cryptocurrency is sold for existing, liquid virtual money. You transfer bitcoins or ETH (Ethereum) to the ICO, and instead you receive the tokens of the new project. This is another realization of the crowdfunding model, when participants finance the company development now in order to get from it something in the future.

Pre-ICO — is a stage preceding the ICO (the main stage) aimed at raising funds for the project. Pre-ICOs are usually held to gauge the demand for the project, as well as to evaluate and receive community support, expand the marketing budget before the main stage. Not every project holds a pre-ICO.
Nikolay Volosyankov
CryptoEvent Founder
Andrey Chernoberezhskii
Partnerships and offers
Denis Gutnik
Become a sponsor
Sofia Kapustina
Become a speaker
Irina Shirshikova
For mass media
Pavel Shilovsky
Become an exhibitor
BereZy Park, Moscow
Stroginskoe sh., building 1
General questions:
+7 (812) 670-07-71

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